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MTV2 Sharts - The Other Side of What You See : A short art break for MTV2. The opposite side exists beneath the surface, and its exposure may change one's perception by altering his or her experience of the surface level. Director & Editor - Yurika Abe / DP - Kyle Biggles
Sprinkleman : Seven short art elements for MTV Overdrive (2006). Overdrive is MTV's newest broadband video channel. Art Dir. - David McElwaine / Editor - Yurika Abe / Sound - Amalgamated Superstar
MTV Games : An introductory animation for all MTV game products (2006). Designer - Thomas Berger / Animator - Yurika Abe / Sound Designer - Q Department
MTV2 Video Mods : Three opening animations for a MTV2 show, Video Mods (2005 - 06). Visual Creator - National Television / Sound Designer - Yurika Abe
mtvU Student Bodies : An opening animation for a mtvU show, Student Bodies (2006). Designer - Ryan McGriff / Editor - Yurika Abe
MTV 10 Spot Drop : An opening graphic for a MTV show, 10 Spot Drop (2006). Designer & Animator - Yurika Abe
MTV2 Hip Hop Countdown : An opening graphic for a MTV2 show, Hip Hop Countdown (August 2004). Designer & Animator - Yurika Abe
  MTV The Big Ten : Two opening animations and bumpers for a MTV show, The Big Ten (2006). Designer - Dan Convert / 3D animator - Eban Byrne / Editor - Yurika Abe
MHD Instruflux : Five bumpers for the HD channel for MTV launched January 2006. Animator - Eban Byrne, Luke Choi & Chris Gallagher / Sound Designer - Q Department / Editor - Yurika Abe
AIGA Presentation Reel : A short video montage of MTV Off-Air Creatives' work for the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) presentation (2005). Editor - Yurika Abe
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